$100 Divalicious Dollars Photo Contest!

11th Jun 2014

Have you seen the banner on our website or checked our Facebook?! 

We're having a photo contest with the grand prize being a $100 Divalicious Gift Certificate!!!

That's right, you read correctly, $100!!! 

You'll be able to buy a pair of glasses, a case, and maybe some serious jewelry with that kind of win! 

(Speaking of which, do you like the bedazzled dollar bill we made up there?) 

To enter, go here and send us a picture! 

Once we receive your picture, we'll upload your picture and contact you with the link so that you can like, share, and spread your picture. When the contest ends June 27th, the grand prize winner will be the photo with the most likes. 

They will be contacted and receive a $100 Divalicious gift certificate. 2nd place will receive a $50 gift certificate and third place will receive a $25 gift certificate.

If you're not planning on entering, please make sure you vote by liking some pictures! 

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P.S. This is our first Divalicious blog post! We'll try to update this blog with new styles, giveaways, and other exciting news! Make sure you join our newsletter too :)