Glitter and Glam Up Your Items!

16th Jun 2014

Good evening fellow Divas! 

We wanted to give a shout-out to Tunechi Guicci Prodigy on Facebook! She asked for all things for our second post, we're going to show you an inexpensive way to glitter and glam up your items! 

What you need: 

  • Glitter 
  • Mod Podge 
  • Foam or Paint Brush (for spreading the glitz!)
  • The object you want to glitterfy! 
  • Newspaper or cardboard (to catch the falling glitter!) 

It's best to do this DIY project over some newspaper or cardboard so that the glitter doesn't get everywhere. And whatever your item is, make sure it's clean! Wipe the surface you want to glitterfy with some water (soap, if necessary!) and let it dry. Then, apply a layer of Modge Podge. Mod Podge is an awesome glue, sealer, and finish that you can find at Michael's, Joanne's, and other hobby/craft stores. It's also light on your wallet... which is always a plus! After applying the Modge Podge layer (you might have to apply it in sections; it's pretty sticky), dump your glitter on top! You don't actually have to literally dump it... but cover up the Modge Podged layered surface with glitter. We want some bling, right?! When you're done applying the glitter, tap or shake the item to remove any loose glitter. Let the now-glitterfied item dry. Once it's dry, apply another layer of Modge Podge. We want to seal in the glitter and make sure that it won't fall off. One coat should be enough, but if you really want to make sure, you can add in two layers. Make sure to let the last coat dry for at least half a day before you use it (you know, just in case!). 

Potential items to glitterfy include shoes, mason jars, wooden letters, brushes... the possibilities are endless! Of course...if you want some real bling, nothing compares to the sparkle and beauty of our glasses! Our item of the day today is our new Special Edition 24k Majestic Cateye Glasses. Honestly... is there anything more majestic than these?! Wearing them will really make you feel like royalty! 

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