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Crystal Repair

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This service is for 1 Pair of glasses up to 10 crystals repaired.

Please include your order number, name, phone number, and confirm your return address when you send in your glasses for repair.

In addition, please do not send your glasses in a case or pouch or with a lenscloth. It is hard for us to keep track of non-frame items and you may not get your case, pouch, or lenscloth back! Please bubble wrap your glasses and send them in a box (not an envelope!) with the necessary information. Thank you! 


Glasses  sent to us due to negligience will be sent back to you without service.  Negligience includes unusually extreme wear and tear, extremely dirty frames, visible evidence of abuse etc..

If you do not want to wait for service, you may purchase the crystal repair kit which includes everything you need to repair your crystals. 

Please allow 4-8 weeks for all repairs. 

Divalicious Repair

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