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UPDATE: PLEASE READ.  For the lucky redemption winners who ordered Smoked Topaz Frames, Swarovski is out of certain size crystals for that color until end of april.  Therefore, for those who have not receive your glasses yet,  we will ship out all smoked topaz Frames around end of april/ beginning of may. 


Redeem your Gift Voucher from The Wendy Williams Show Hotlist Giveaway Here.  PLEASE NOTE: IF you choose single vision Prescription and do not include both a valid prescription and PD measurement, we will send the frame with Plano Lens. 

Prescriptions cannot be filled without having both requirements.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.  


If you were not one of the  lucky Audience members who received a voucher, you can click here to browse through the cateye collection featured on the giveaway. 

Expires 2/13/18 12:00 am EST

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